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Remember the good old days when you set up a Facebook page for your business, asked everyone you knew to like it, sent out updates, and made tons of money? Those days were so great.


But times are changing and it’s not so easy anymore. Facebook has been modifying how they deliver updates so that their “organic reach” is now somewhere between 2% and 6%. That means that the vast majority of your followers will never even see your precious call to action.


Why is this happening? Facebook says it’s to limit the flood of updates that users see to a manageable and relevant level. It probably also has something to do with directing people to their paid ad options. Regardless of the reason, it’s really happening and you can be sure that other platforms will be following suit.


So what now? Well, there are three traditional forms of marketing media: owned, paid, and earned. The stuff above (your Facebook page and posts) fall under the category of “owned.” As that becomes less and less effective, you’ll be forced to move your attention over to paid. Fair enough… if you have a decent marketing budget to work with.


If not, you’re left with earned media. This one is trickier; it’s the stuff that depends on others to get the word out there. Public relations is the most obvious example of this. In our Facebook example, it’s getting a lot of “shares.”


Easier said than done. People share things that are shareworthy. This means being creative or thoughtful or entertaining. See below for some of my favourite examples of companies that pulled this off brilliantly. Hopefully you’re inspired by something in this list.


The following notes are taken from the May 21, 2015 SMBRD presentation.


snapchat  Snapchat

Self-destructing photo messaging

  • 100 million (monthly) active users
  • Youngest channel; big with 16-24’s
  • 3rd most popular channels with Millennials (after Facebook & Instagram)
  • Skews female

Marketing options:

  • Full network ad buy ($750k/day!)
  • Discover channels
  • Discover ads (2 cents/10 second video)
  • Engaging Snaps & Stories

Creative examples:

linkedin  LinkedIn

Social networking for professionals

  • 187 million active users
  • College graduates and high incomes
  • Mostly 30-64
  • Suburban white men

Marketing options:

  • Company pages & Showcase pages
  • Groups
  • PPC ads
  • Display ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Sponsored posts

Creative examples:

tumblr  Tumblr

Microblogs of weird gifs & memes

  • 230 million active users (and growing)
  • 80 million posts per day
  • Young and urban
  • Long engagement time (more than Facebook)
  • Niche-focused

Marketing options:

  • Sponsored posts (+Yahoo syndication)
  • Sponsored Day, Video, Radar
  • Creatrs Network
  • Trending blogs
  • Branded blog

Creative examples:

instagram  Instagram

Mobile photo and video sharing

  • 300 million active users
  • 70 million photos a day
  • Skews female
  • Growing quickly, especially among young adults
  • Higher “prestige” factor

Marketing options:

  • Sponsored photos and videos
  • Carousel ads
  • Contests
  • Engaging content

Creative examples:

google-plus  Google Plus

Google’s social layer + ID service

  • 242 million active users (or maybe 111 million?)
  • Including you, probably
  • Skews male
  • Lower level of engagement
  • Evolving into Streams + Photos

Marketing options:

  • No ads (but can turn a post into an ad on Google network)
  • Communities
  • Hangouts/Helpouts
  • Collections

Creative examples:

facebook  Facebook

Maybe you’ve heard of it.

  • 44 billion active users
  • Flat growth, but highly engaged (890 million daily active users)
  • Broad demographics, but skews female
  • Even 56% of seniors on here now
  • Video blowing up

Marketing options:

  • Branded pages (likes)
  • Marketplace ads (inc. Sponsored stories)
  • Carousel ads (like Instagram)
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX) – side or newsfeed
  • Contests
  • Native advertising

Creative examples:

youtube  YouTube

Video sharing, owned by Google

  • 1 billion active users
  • 2nd largest search engine
  • More reach with 18-49’s than cable TV
  • Broad demographics; varies with content
  • 40% of traffic from mobile

Marketing options:

  • Display ads & Overlay ads
  • Video ads (skippable or non-skippable; pre/mid/post-roll)
  • Promoted videos (in-search or recommended)
  • Homepage roadblock ($300k for 1 day)
  • Cards (replaces annotations)
  • Engaging channels or videos

Creative examples:

pinterest  Pinterest

Personal media collection boards

  • 70 million active users
  • More men joining, but still 75% female
  • Growing, especially among young adults
  • Tend to be higher income
  • Slightly older demographic than Twitter or Instagram

Marketing options:

  • Contests
  • Promoted pins
  • Creative boards

Creative examples:

twitter  Twitter

Microblogging in 140 characters

  • 302 million active users
  • Under 50, college educated
  • Starting to skew to male users
  • More likely to follow/interact with brands
  • Engaged and vocal
  • 78% of active users are on mobile

Marketing options:

  • Contests & deals
  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted trends
  • Engaging content (inc. hashtagging & interactions)

Creative examples:

vine  Vine

6-second video sharing

  • 40 million active users
  • Not much demographic info yet
  • Young? ADHD?
  • Tied closely with Twitter

Marketing options:

  • No ads
  • Influencers
  • Good content (shareworthy Vines)

Creative examples:

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