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Location: Scott Block Theatre
Breakfast: Red Deer Symphony Orchestra

We kicked off our new season with a bit of a Throwback Thursday with the Red Deer Symphony treating us to individual boxes of cereal to go with our coffee at the Scott Block Theatre. We were pleased to have Brooke Sutter of March Designs give us some pointers on visual branding.

The world we live in is a visual place and we want to make sure that businesses recognize this. Your brand has to draw people in and make them want to know more at just a glance. So how do we achieve this? Brooke provides us with some great tips for creating visually appealing content.

  • Stay consistent throughout all platforms. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website should all have the same look
  • Choose your vibe – do you want your brand to be clean and fresh, bold and colourful?
  • Know your audience – if your business is wedding related, your social media should appeal more to brides than grooms
  • Create a brand package with specific fonts, colours and logo guidelines that will be used for all marketing materials to ensure a consistent look no matter what you do

  • Keep your posts authentic, using your own images instead of google photos
  • Post with purpose – sit down and plan out your content and determine what photos need to be taken so you’re prepared with content that fits
  • Recommended apps – Planoly (for planning content and seeing how it looks laid out on your feed before posting), Colorstory and Lightroom (for photo editing), and Fontcandy
  • Keep personal posts off your business accounts

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to take your visual brand to the next level, check out the full presentation on Facebook Live.

Don’t forget we have moved our breakfast to every second month, so we’ll see you in October! Stay tuned to our social channels for upcoming speaker announcements. We are still on the hunt for a new title sponsor, breakfast and location sponsors for the upcoming season. If you or your business is interested, check out our sponsorship page. 

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