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Title: Century 21
Location: Yoga Tea and Me 
Breakfast: Beyond Insurance

We have to start with a disclaimer for any new attendees that joined us this month. We are usually not so spoiled with breakfast, like we were by our friends at Beyond Insurance who brought in a waffle bar! What!

Jest Dempsey from Peavey Industries gave us the lowdown on how Peavey engages their employees through social media.

He kicked things off with a fun little ice breaker using Poll Everywhere, texting in one word responses to a couple different questions, which appeared as a word cloud on the screen before getting into things.

So how does Peavey tackle employee social media usage?

  • Employees have the ability to respond to customers on social and so far it has been a positive experience for the company. It’s heavily monitored so on the rare occasion that something needs to be deleted, it’s easy to do so. They have a clear social media policy that outlines what kind of behaviours are allowed online (for example, taking a selfie with company logo in the background).
  • At corporate events, Peavey finds creative ways to engage employees to share, using unique hashtags and showing off their corporate culture.
  • Manager meetings include training for new technology and how to use it effectively. This gets manager buy in and comfort from top level employees.
  • Peavey uses employees in unscripted, short promo videos used on social media and often shot with a simple smart phone.
  • They’ve developed an internal social network, called The Hive, that allows employees to see who’s new to the team, wish coworkers happy birthday, write blogs, leave comments on employees walls, post inspirational videos and pictures, etc.

These are some of the way Peavey’s employees utilize social media day to day on the job. So far they’ve only had to fire one person for inappropriate social media usage, so we think they must be doing something right.

Does this give you any ideas to take back to your business? Big or small, tell us how your employees engage on social.

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