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Title: Century 21
Location: Red Deer Public Library
Breakfast: Wild Brewing Co

Last month when Idris was presenting on content trends, he alluded to video being huge in 2018. Lucky for us, our very own Brian Olstad, alongside Jonathan Strome from Symbra followed it up with an entire presentation on how to use video to grow your community on social.

Video empowers us to share stories in a way that have meaningful impact on our community – Symbra

Humans are wired to tell, share and receive stories and video is a way to tie in visual and audio together to tell your story and impact your community.


The ultimate goal with video is to get more views, more interaction. So how do we do that?

There are three components to good video:

  1. Strategy
      • Your video needs to build a relationship.
      • Focus on your viewer’s needs
      • Consider what value you bring to your community through this video.
      • Don’t let your brand be that friend that you don’t want to have around

  2. Production
    • Live video is an authentic way to show what is happening
    • Raw video is a low budget method that you can do yourself
    • Produced video is a higher budget way to flex your video muscle and amplify results

  3. Distribution
    • Consider the time you’re planning to post – time of the day, week, month, year
    • Consider your location – where does your audience live, work and play
    • Consider your platform – Facebook for personalized television, Instagram stories for raw, in the moment or exclusive access, YouTube for searchable video, etc

As always, if you want the full presentation, head over to our Facebook page and catch up on the live feed. We will be watching for some amazing videos telling stories and building relationships in the community. Until next month SMBRD’ers….

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