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SMBRD #57 Sponsors

Title: Century 21
Location: 360 Fitness
Breakfast: Red Deer College Alumni
Chairs: Copper Cloud Events

We kicked off the 2018 SMBRD year fittingly in a gym eating sugary cereal while listening to The Content Kid, Idris Fashan talk about taking content to the next level. Add that to your list of 2018 resolutions!

So, how can we stop our content from getting lost in the shuffle (or I guess the scrolling)? Idris shared some of his tips and insider info. Like tips so hot we shouldn’t even be sharing the source. We still not so secretly filmed the entire session on Facebook live so if you want the full scoop, we highly recommend checking out the live feed for yourself.

We thought we’d still share a couple of our favourite quotes passages from Idris’ presentation:

              1. You know the feeling you get when you enjoy a long, slow meal, where you savor one dish at a time with many courses, best enjoyed with a glass of wine and good company? How about the feeling when you read a good piece of fiction? We should create content that resembles that. Slow content that leaves you wanting more. Delay the gratification and don’t give everything up front like the rest of the internet does. If you give someone the chance to take the time, they give you the time to reward them.

              2. Maturity in content production is treating your content like a product and not treating it like a channel or means of sending a message. Treat your content like you treat your business, then you create more valuable products and have a longer life cycle. When you think of content as a product, you start to see your audience as a market.

              3. We are pushing out content more than ever and driving ourselves crazy with the glut of production. The problem is we are not providing value and getting into the heads of people that matter.

              4. “You will only build an audience when you provide a legitimate experience that demands an audience.” – Robert Rose – head of CMI Content Management Institute. People on the internet are more mature and more educated and being brought up in a digital world. We need to bring audiences what they want.

              5. 2018 is the year of video content. And lucky for you, video is our topic for next month.


We look forward to seeing all the killer content you’ll be producing this year.



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