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SMBRD #55 Sponsors

Title: Century 21
Location: Red Deer Public Library
Breakfast: Beyond Insurance

It’s been an exciting few months for us at SMBRD. First, we announced our new title sponsor, Century 21 Advantage in October, then we added three new faces to our team, Clare, Patrick and Tanner, and lastly we partnered with a new ticketing system which you can read about at the very end of this post.

We were so happy that Joel Klettke was able to brave the snowy roads early in the morning to make his way from Calgary to present at SMBRD #55. The topic of the day was writing copy that converts.

We all want to relate to customers and get inside their heads but we don’t always know how.

Joel’s first rule in getting to know your customers is to never take them for a beer. Tough rule if you’re in the business of brewing. The second one is to understand that personas and keyword research don’t explain motivation. You’re not your customer, so you need to stop trying to think for them.



So if you can’t rely on personas to think for your customers, and you can’t take them out for a beer to get inside their head, what do you do? There’s five steps to determining what your customers are thinking and how to use that information to produce copy that will generate leads and grow your business.

  1. Ask
  2. Record
  3. Analyze
  4. Feed
  5. Measure

Clear as mud? Don’t worry, we’ll dive deeper.

We need to learn our customer’s pain points, anxieties, outcomes, and priorities.


There are three types of customers that we can learn from at different stages

We learn from active customers – they’re current and have had long enough time to experience an outcome with us. These people also give us social proof – the things we learn from them turn into testimonials and those, in turn, help us help more people.

We learn from leads – whether they convert or not. They can identify the pains and anxieties. These leads can tell you what they’ve seen from competitors and competitor research can be a big help.

We learn from dead accounts – These people help us see where we’ve failed and what we can do to fix that.


What do we look for in our customer’s feedback?

  • Frequently used words
  • Recurring themes 
  • Well said feedback
  • Insightful feedback
  • Fresh perspectives


We know who to look at and we know what to look for, but how do we gather this data? There are a few different options.

  • Customer interviews – this is where you can dig deep and get personal because these interviews are based on experience, not opinion.
  • Email Surveys – these provide fast feedback at scale
  • Onsite Surveys & Chat Logs – onsite surveys are a goldmine for anxieties, obstacles and lack of clarity.
  • Review & Testimonial Mining – probably the fastest and easiest way to gather insight.

Ok, so you have your data, now it’s time to analyze and use those recurring themes, frequently used words, insightful, well said and fresh feedback and start writing your copy. Boom.

Now, we realize this is just a high-level overview of what Joel talked about in his presentation. There was a ton of valuable information and tools shared. We encourage you to head over to Facebook and watch our Facebook Live feed as well as check out Joel’s slide deck to dig deeper.

We’ll see you next month for our last SMBRD of 2017! Say what!?
Also, if you missed our exciting announcement, we’ve have partnered with Tickets Alberta for our event ticketing! You will need to make an account prior to registering for December’s event.

For more Joel Klettke:

Twitter: @joelklettke

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