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SMBRD #52 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Red Deer College Alumni
Breakfast: Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce
Speaker: Redpoint Design, Allout Kids, & Pursuit Adventures

If you missed out on July’s Social Media Breakfast, you’re probably going to want to go and watch the live feed on Facebook. If you don’t, you’re missing out on the epic rap from Bre with the Red Deer College Alumni Association. It’s amazing and you need to see it. We’ll wait right here until you’re done.

Ok. Now that you’re up to speed with Red Deer’s rapper extraordinaire, let’s get down to business. This month we were fortunate enough to bring in a special speaker from Canmore. Sonnie Trotter is a professional climber and might be our token male on the SMBRD team’s celebrity crush. To say we Brian was excited for this one was an understatement.

I bet you’re wondering what climbing has to do with business and social media. And the answer is everything. Sonnie began his presentation with a video showcasing a little bit about what he does and what it means to him. He then told the story of how he came to be a professional climber and the journey he took to get to where he is today. What it boils down to is passion, devotion, and following your dream.

Sonnie discovered climbing at a young age and dreamed of living in a van, traveling the world and climbing as much as he could. Without ever losing sight of that dream, Sonnie would work 6 months at a time as a carpenter to save up enough money to spend the next 6 months doing just what he set out to do. He eventually began to establish relationships with companies to gain sponsorships in order to earn money on the road, until he was able to support his climbing full time.

Originally, Sonnie saw Instagram as a place for mirror selfies, food & animal photos, without realizing the potential to showcase himself as an athlete. While a slower adopter of social media, a friend and mentor encouraged Sonnie to join Instagram in 2014 to promote himself with his photography.

The lessons learned through Sonnie’s journey through sport, that could be applied to anyone’s journey, whether personal or business are:

  1. Passion comes first
  2. You can’t get anywhere without time and hard work
  3. Always have optimism and gratitude
  4. Quantify your worth
  5. Deliver the quality product/service you can
  6. Improve and repeat

And when it comes to Instagram:

  1. Define your market – know exactly who’s viewing your Instagram feed and why
  2. Build your brand – stick to your guns and don’t stray from your brand
  3. Advertise less, inspire more – If you inspire people, they will be drawn to what you’re doing but if you advertise to them it will get looked over
  4. Keep it clean and do it often – don’t clutter your post with too many links and hashtags and post regularly

If you want more from this presentation, don’t forget to catch it all on our Facebook page.

We’re taking the rest of the summer off to relax just a little bit but don’t worry, we’ll be back in full force with another awesome speaker for you in September. See you soon!

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