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SMBRD #51 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Westerner Park
Breakfast: Central Alberta Family Expo

This month we welcomed Calgary’s Dario Hudon-Verrelli of Octopus & Son to speak to a packed house at Westerner Park’s Heartland Room. The topic of the day was Pinterest, but not a Pinterest how-to. Rather a deeper look into the psychology and sociology behind Pinterest and the way we use it.

Dario posed a question for us to consider before he got into his presentation. As we are visual creatures, and if Pinterest is any indication, how will future social channels change? Think about it while we share a few of the tidbits of information we learned.

So how does Pinterest work, exactly?

Pinterest works by reducing cognitive load or reducing the mental effort to do what the site wants you to do. The simple white background makes the content stand out and we don’t have to think about it as much while we’re browsing and sharing. It simplifies the experience for everyone. By sharing content, Pinterest reaches it’s business objectives faster and dominates the market. The more users consume, create and share, the faster Pinterest reaches it’s business objectives and dominates its market.


81% of users are women. Why?

  • Women tend to trust other women within their circle when making a purchase based off of a recommendation from Pinterest.
  • Women use Pinterest in a more inspirational and more motivational way, whereas men use it more as a bookmarking tool
  • Women have more life events, graduations, weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc.
  • Women engage more and talk more where men generally only speak up when they’re mad about something.


What has Pinterest become?


Pinterest is a marketplace and a visual Google. Pinterest search weaknesses are Googles strengths, and what Google is bad at doing, Pinterest is good at. Google is not losing search queries to Pinterest, but people don’t realize they can use Google to search the same things they are searching on Pinterest. Pinterest can be used as a planning tool, market research, inspiration and connecting with like minded people.

Has social media been a positive impact on society? No. People are coming down with the highlight reel syndrome, suffering from Pinterest stress. constantly comparing their lives to the perfectly crafted content others are sharing.


The beautiful images of domestic harmony make us feel inadequate. People are having a hard time enjoying their own experiences. This is a problem for teenagers in our day who don’t have the balance of not knowing life before the internet.

Despite knowing the negative connotations, we’re still going on Pinterest because our egos get in the way. We have addictive tendencies and have become digital packrats. Those of us who bookmark everything, never remember any of the content that we’re viewing. Pinterest is becoming a refuge from the statuses and check-ins of Facebook and we don’t have to put up with the noise of other social channels. Pinterest is a low obligation activity and it reduces that cognitive load, by allowing us to just point and click and move on.

6 types of Pinterest users

  1. Clarifier – uses the images you pin to clarify your feelings and interests
  2. Collage-er – pin images based around a theme.
  3. Communicator – pin images with the express interest of sharing them with others, perhaps in an effort to promote your blog, project or products to the general public or in a more general and specific way.
  4. Categorizer – you prefer your pins to be organized according to a clearly defined category
  5. Consumer – you pin images with the sole purpose of eventually purchasing products
  6. Collector – a connoisseur of pins, collecting images of adoration

So all that said, why should you use Pinterest for business?


  • Pinterest drives traffic
  • Pins get you more inbound links than other social mediums
  • There’s a lot longer exposure.
  • User engagement is high
  • Allows for market research simultaneously

We were captivated by Dario’s knowledge on the why’s of Pinterest through his humour and excessive cursing. I think we all went home to update and organize our Pinterest boards.

If you’re interested in the full presentation, tune into the Facebook Live feed.

 Huge thanks to Dario for making the trip up from Calgary and to all of our sponsors this month. We’ll see you all next month. Watch for registration next week!

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