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Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Blue Grass Garden Centre
Breakfast: Pursuit Adventures


Can we just say, our last breakfast was lit! We heard that’s a good thing, from the teen panel we invited to talk about how they use social media. That’s right, six teens, ages 14-18 joined us last week to get us the insight into what their favourite social platforms are, what we can do to get them to engage with our businesses online, and why they keep running away from the adults when we join the newest social platform.

Favourite platforms?

Snapchat seems to be the most popular. Teens are using it as a substitute for texting, sending photos and 10 second videos to their friends. They enjoy being able to follow stories of their friends and favourite celebrities but aren’t yet big into following brands yet. They’d like to see their favourite brands posting contests, sales, or new products to check out.


Instagram is another highly used app but take caution. These kids don’t want to see what you had for dinner and they don’t care about whatever rant you’re posting while walking through the grocery store. They’re into good photos that will catch their attention and not content that is, in their terms, boring. Brands looking to engage with teens through Instagram should feature other teens using their products, eating at their establishments, and being the face of their brand.

Social at School

Some of us in attendance at SMBRD might not have even had a computer in their school let alone the whole world at their fingertips with cell phones and social media. Times sure have changed with teens these days using various apps such as Remind 101 and Google Classroom to stay up to date with homework assignments, upcoming exams, and even improving their sports through Huddle.

They also spoke about the desire to utilize and engage through social more over the screens throughout the school, which makes us think they need Open Hwy in schools to share their school related (and appropriate) social content.


Following and Engaging With Brands

From what we learned, teens these days do like to follow and engage with brands and influencers who align with their likes and interests. They’re drawn to content that shows them the latest and greatest as well as sales and deals. Incentive is everything. If you want to keep teens engage with your brand, you need to ensure that you’re featuring more than just a product shot in a photo. Use other teens to showcase your brand or product to give your audience something to relate to.

And you should probably get on Snapchat if you’re a brand or business with teens as your target market.


We felt like these teens had a lot to teach us old farts about the world of social media through their eyes. In fact, we probably could have gone all day asking them questions about a range of topics. If you missed out on the session, grab a cup of coffee and watch the full video from our Facebook page.

See you next month for SMBRD #50! It’s going to be a big one!

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