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Title: Reverse Dealer
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The panel format from SMBRD #45 was so well received, we decided to bring back another panel to chat about LinkedIn. We also loved the homemade donuts and hot chocolate bar from Pursuit Provisions so much, they came back as well! We invited Jesse Cheetham from Peevey Industries, Brenda Kolosa from Visual Resolve Graphics and Success 4 Business and lastly Jason Burns from Cilantro and Chive to give us a bit of insight on LinkedIn and how to get the most of it.

So, what is LinkedIn and do you need to be on it?

A lot of people think that LinkedIn is just a site to help you find a job. While that is a definite plus, with companies able to post their openings on their company pages, there’s far more to the site than that.

If you’re not sure what LinkedIn really is, it’s basically your resume but on steroids, according to Brenda. Your first priority should be to take the time to fill in your personal profile. Start with your basic resume and expand from there. This is your opportunity to showcase your personal brand outside of your business by including your work experience, skills, education, volunteer efforts, awards and more.  Once you’ve taken the time to complete your profile, don’t forget about it. Make sure you’re updating it as you grow so it’s always relevant and up to date.

Now it’s time to build your network.

Along with being your resume on steroids, LinkedIn is well known as a place to build your network. It’s definitely an introvert’s dream as you can connect with others from the comfort of your own home or office. Don’t just start connecting with everyone and anyone. Be picky about who you’re adding and who you’re accepting invites from. Build up a network of people that will build you up. Connect with people you’ve previously worked with or would like to work with, people you admire and can learn from. Jason has found a ton of inspiration through his LinkedIn network alone that has opened up new opportunities for him.

There’s still a ton more that LinkedIn has to offer from business pages, shared articles, industry groups, training programs and more.

If you want to hear more about what our panel had to say, be sure to check out the live video on our Facebook page. Be sure to watch your emails for SMBRD #48 coming your way next week!

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