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Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Red Deer Justice Film Festival 
Breakfast: Expedia Cruise Ship Centre


Happy 2017 SMBRD’ers. We’re so happy to have a packed house to join us for our first presentation of the year. There’s something about turning the page on a fresh calendar that makes us giddy with excitement of new beginnings. This month we took things back to the basics with Jonathan Strome, local entrepreneur, and social media guru.
Jonathan kicked off the presentation by talking about control. There are so many factors that we cannot control with our social media, like content going viral. Since we cannot control what content goes viral, what can we control?
• Content
• Engagement
• Assessment
• Reach

Taking the time to create good, original content is key. No one knows your community better than you. Use that knowledge to create content specifically for that community without recycling the content of someone else. When you find out what your community wants and expects from you, you can respond accordingly.


When someone asks you a question in real life, you respond immediately and perhaps even ask them a question in return.
“How are you today?”
“I’m doing well thanks, how are you?”
We sometimes forget that our behavior on social should be the same as in person.
“What time are you open today?”
“Our hours are from 12pm-9pm, will we be seeing you later?”
Forget the one-word answers when responding to questions or comments on your social channels. Use the opportunity to ask your customers something in return or carry on a conversation. This goes a long way in making your followers feel valued.

On the flip side, negative feedback gives us a chance to acknowledge that you have room for growth. Take the time to respond to negative reviews as well as the positive ones. While the trolls are out there, not everyone who leaves a negative review is out to get you. Sometimes these people leave feedback because they want you to succeed and part of succeeding means improving on the areas that need work and being transparent about those areas as well. Of course, there will still be the people that are causing trouble for nothing better to do and it’s ok to respond to them too when done properly. We saw this in our December panel when Tool Shed Brewing talked about firing their first customer.


How do you know if your post was successful? Well, ultimately it’s up to your community to decide. You need to look at what your community is responding to and what they aren’t. Assessing your content after it’s posted and being critical of your work can help you produce the content that wins. Consistently creating that good content can help get your further to the elusive viral content.


Conventional media isn’t working anymore. Not everyone reads the newspaper or listens to the radio these days, so why spend your dollars advertising here. If your audience is on social than spend your money on social wisely to help increase your reach.

We love that we had so many new faces join us this month and we hope Jonathan provided some good information and tips to help you produce effective content for your businesses. If you can’t be with us next month, stay tuned to our Facebook or Instagram feeds as we will be living streaming!

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