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SMBRD #44 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Scott Block Theatre/Bull Skit Comedy
Breakfast: Central Alberta Gives


What’s great about hosting SMBRD at the Scott Block is that there are two separate rooms, which was perfect for running a beginner and an advanced session on Facebook Advertising. After sponsor and speaker introductions, the group split off into their perspective groups.

Brian Siddle from Strong Coffee Marketing touched on the basics on Facebook Ads.

What are some of the benefits of advertising with Facebook? You can target specific groups of people with specific messaging with generally good results. With any marketing campaign, you need to make sure you know who your audience is and what the purpose of your ads will be.

By boosting a post, Facebook will make your post appear higher in the news feeds of selected groups.

How to boost a post:

      1. Click the blue button that says “Boost Post”
      2. Select your audience. You can choose people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends or you can select a targeted audience (for example, single males, aged 18-25, in Red Deer and area).
      3. Choose a budget duration. Brian recommends running a post for 1-3 days. If things are going well, take a break and boost it for a little bit longer.
      4. Enter your payment info. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

Some takeaways from Brian:

  • Creating custom audiences is an absolute must
  • Post something organically before boosting to see how people react to it. Engaging posts are posts you want to boost.
  • Boosting doesn’t make bad posts better.
  • Always have a purpose for posting. You want to put your best post out there, not just a post.
  • Keep your time frame short.
  • Boost your best post from the last two weeks for one day and see what happens when you’re starting out.
  • Think of how many people using social are using it on a mobile device. Make sure the information you’re posting is mobile friendly so you’re not wasting your money.

Finding Your Results

Advertising is cool but if you don’t pay attention to what happens to your ads, you don’t learn anything. Locate them through Insights so you can see how many link clicks you received, how many people saw your post, how many people liked your page. Remember the purpose of your post and determine if boosting your post worked.

You can catch the full presentation here:

Meanwhile, JP Fortin of Pursuit Adventures was diving a little bit deeper with Facebook Advertising with those people who are looking beyond just simply boosting a post.

JP shared his twist on the purchase funnel to start out.

Dreaming > Planning > Booking > Anticipating > Experiencing > Advocating.

This is important because each stage comes with it’s own unique marketing strategy. Some stages require background ads on Facebook, while some can do with a simple boost of a post from the wall. It’s important that you determine your goals so you can build out your ad strategy to fit.

JP’s Key Takeaways

  • Celebrate your talents with authenticity. Don’t look for content to post, just share who you are.
  • Look for inspiration outside your market and industry.
  • Everything you do must add value for your guests. Sharing low quality content will not have a long term benefit.
  • Experiment. Look for ideas, not rules or quick fixes. Social media doesn’t have to be complicated so don’t spend too much time focusing on the tool.

You can check out JP’s full presentation here.

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