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SMBRD #43 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Red Deer College Welikoklad Event Centre
Breakfast: Red Deer College Community Relations



SMBRD #43 kicked off with more humour than usual with Greg Shannon from Red Deer College as our guest MC. We apologize to the Reverse Dealer mascots who will forever be known as the Reverse Dealer Babies. Once Greg was finished with the introductions and shoving his phone in people’s faces while on Facebook Live, we introduced our first of three speakers to the stage to talk social media planning and strategy.

First up was Kaelyn Gillard, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at RDC with her quick run down on social media strategy and campaign management.



Kaelyn’s 7 steps for campaign management:

  1. Campaign Goal – What is the purpose of doing this? What do you want people to do?
  2. Target Audience – Who do you want to hear your message and who will you engage with?
  3. Key Messages – Develope 1-3 key points that explain your campaign purpose or support the critical information
  4. Budget – if applicable. If there is no budget, is there another way you can entice people to share your posts, items to give away, discounts, etc.
  5. Tactics – What needs to be done, how will you do it, what channels will you use?
  6. Timeline – When will you do it? Take into account any milestones or critical dates (holidays, long weekends, local events)
  7. How Will You Measure – How do you know if you achieved your goal?

Up next was Anne Marie Watson, RDC Library Marketing & Events Coordinator to show us how to be effective with your planning and content management.



Anne Marie’s three tools to help manage your time?

  1. Content Calendar – setting up a spreadsheet or planning your content out on an actual calendar
  2. Social Media Management Tools – tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social can offer an all in one solution by managing multiple accounts and platforms
  3. Scheduling

In other news, everyone in the room is wondering if they can hire Anne Marie to create their content calendar spreadsheets because hers was legit.

Our final speaker for the day was Neil Levine, Media Studios and Professional Communications Instructor talking about social media strategy and engagement. His lessons?

  1. Don’t forget your audience
  2. Do research
  3. Integrate
  4. Fail to plan means plan to fail
  5. Tell stories, provide useful information
  6. Use images, infographics
  7. Converse!

He shared some great examples about humanizing your brand and giving it a personality.

We have a lot to think about when it comes to our social strategies after such great presentations. A huge thank you to everyone from Red Deer College involved in this month’s breakfast. From the speakers, to the snacks and coffee, to the beautiful stage we were fortunate enough to stand on, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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