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SMBRD #42 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Peavey Mart 
Breakfast: PartyLite Gifts/Robin Armitage Independant Consultant


This month’s breakfast was extra cool for us because our speakers are part of what we do!

Jessica, our newest committee member and Jonathan from Bond Nutrition kicked off our chat about Facebook Live. Bond has been using Facebook Live since June of this year, after seeing a few other Facebook Live videos and wondering how they could use this feature for their business. They began on a whim and have been going strong ever since.

Some of the things Bond find make Facebook Live a success for them:

  • Keeping videos are short, informative and digestable to keep up with society’s short attention span
  • Providing a mix of product information and real life experience
  • Including special guests
  • Going live at the same time every week, so viewers always know when to watch
  • Embrace who they are, awkwardness and all, to
  • Cross posting videos to YouTube

Using nothing more than a stool, cardboard box and a cell phone to film their videos, Jon and Jessica show that you don’t need a fancy setup to go live. This truly means that as long as you have a cell phone, anyone can start using Facebook Live. Sure, they may be awkward at times, or spew pre-workout all over the counter from laughing too hard, but those are the things that make videos more engaging and entertaining. Bond’s Live videos help put a human face to the business and allows customers to better relate to the real stories and information being shared.

Our title sponsor Reverse Dealer step the game up slightly with their more elaborate setup. Despite being scared to get started, they’ve been killing it in the Facebook Live scene. All they wanted to do was let people know who Reverse Dealer is and share their knowledge with the public.

Some of Chris and Hayma’s tips for going live:

  • Put yourself out there and get yourself known.
  • Switching up guests boosts engagement
  • Show notes are helpful, but don’t expect live shows to go as planned
  • Be yourself!


Their setup is a little more elaborate, with multiple webcams, microphones, and headphones that runs into the computer where they use software to record their videos. The software enables them to insert their logo and ads into their videos, toggle between camera views and more to give their videos a professional look and keep their viewers engaged.

The cool thing about Facebook Live is that it’s still very new and there’s no wrong way to use it, you just need to make the jump and go for it!

Catch Bond Nutrition‘s Friday Night Live on Facebook Live every Friday around 5-5:30pm.

Catch Reverse Dealer TV on Facebook Live every Thursday at 8pm.


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