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SMBRD #40 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location: Scott Block Theatre/BullSkit Comedy
Breakfast: The Jungle Farm



The third Thursday is easily the best day of the month in Red Deer. I mean, how many other events in the city provide you with cake for breakfast? That’s right, this month’s breakfast sponsor, The Jungle Farm, provided us with amazing strawberry shortcake made with strawberries fresh from the farm. It was the perfect compliment to our speaker’s chat about organic marketing.


Tad Hargrave is known for his talks on Marketing for Hippies. His belief is that marketing just shouldn’t feel gross and we don’t have to be gross to succeed in our campaigns.


Tad’s goal is to help people find a way that marketing feels good for them. There’s a loss of trust in marketing from consumers being lied to by false claims or by simply trying to make a close. “If it feels good, do it”, sounds like a pretty good motto to us, right? Is that song stuck in your head too? Moving on…

According to Tad the role of marketing should be:

  1. to get attention,
  2. be a filter and establish the right fit with the consumer and
  3. to be lower the risk of taking the first step.

Wait, establish the right fit? Yes! Your philosophy, your style, your vibe won’t be for everyone and understanding that the wrong people not buying your stuff is a success will benefit you more in the long run. According to Tad, marketing is not seduction, it’s primarily about filtering people you shouldn’t be selling to in the first place.

Establishing your niche will help establish your role in the marketplace. This is what you want to be known for in the community. In other words, don’t be basic. Tad’s hilarious example revolved around yoga. It’s not enough to just open a yoga studio these days as yoga grows in popularity. However, punk rock yoga, red neck yoga, those are ways your yoga studio from basic to not in no time (unless your market already has punk rock yoga). You have to ask yourself, “What’s not here?” and innovate.


We were pretty excited to have Tad stay after breakfast to do a full day workshop with attendees as well. I think we churned out a new group of hippie marketers.

Thanks again to all of our fantastic sponsors and everyone who came out. We’ll see you next month!

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