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SMBRD #39 Sponsors

Title: Reverse Dealer
Location/Breakfast: Roosters Wood Fire Smoke

This months breakfast was a tasty morsel, served fresh, and slathered in sweet, sweet maple syrup… and that was just the food. Roosters Wood Fire & Smoke Restaurant provided us with a fantastic array of delicious food items.

Then came a feast for our eyes. Lance Johnson from Edmonton’s Amplomedia took us on the journey through what it takes to start marketing with video. The first step to understanding video is understanding how our brains process video versus other mediums.




There’s no doubt that video can be a powerful marketing tool, we’ve all shared videos we love with friends and family, but just how big is the opportunity?





Video is everywhere and we are consuming it in record amounts every day, but with all the content that is out the crowd?
  • Meet your audience where there at – If your demographic uses Snapchat, produce a vertical video for Snapchat.
  • Be unique – trends are only trends because someone decided to break out of the mold, don’t be afraid to try something different.
  • Speak to what your customers like – There is a place for puppies and kittens in business
  • Keep it short and to the point – We have short attention spans, entertain us
When all is said and done your videos effectiveness has a lot to do with your ability to have the viewer convert into a customer.
Way to capitalize on your videos success include:
  • Having a clear call to action
  • Making use of pre and post roll bumpers
  • Ensuring that when the viewer actions, they land on relevant content
  • Making sure you’re capturing the lead

For more from Lance, check out the full presentation below. See you next month!


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