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We’re pretty sure we can safely say everyone left last month’s breakfast with a full brain after Dana DiTomaso’s chat about social media analytics. Not only did she provide a highly informative breakdown of what we should be tracking and how, but she was highly entertaining and hilarious to boot. We also love when our speakers have us laughing out loud.

First order of business when it comes to analytics? Making sure you have measurable goals.

Once your goals in place, you need the data to determine whether or not you are achieving those goals? So what should you focus on when it comes to social metrics? It’s definitely not the number of likes you get. Wait, what?


Dana provided a few terms to help us understand what we should be focusing on:

  • Share of Voice – Amount of overall conversation that’s about you vs competitors
  • Influence – Who is talking about your brand and what is their impact?
  • Engagement – Overall engagement on your posts

Engagement can then be broken down even further:

  • Amplification rate – number of shares per post
  • Conversation rate – number of comments per post
  • Applause rate – number of likes per post

And one of the biggest takeaways was to skip the boosted posts on Facebook and take yourself for lunch with that money. Great tip, we love lunch!


Now that we have a rough idea what we need to keep an eye on when determining if our marketing and communication strategies are working, how do we track it? Dana recommends and Of course, there’s always Google Analytics, but the information collected from Google Analytics isn’t always an accurate depiction. Google counts the number of users to your site, but keep in mind that if you visit a page on your smart phone, your tablet and a laptop, that counts for three different users. Session duration is another thing that turns Google into a liar, because there are many people guilty of leaving multiple browser tabs open, /raises hand.


It definitely all seems a bit overwhelming if you’re new to analytics. You can understand why our brains were full, right?

If you’re still looking for more, you can access Dana’s full presentation here.

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