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We were blown away with our hilariously informative speaker this month. Janine Avery, New Media Group Manager for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police may quick to draw her one of three phones at a moment’s notice, but she also knows how to make a captive audience giggle.

We started out with a trip down the memory lane as we looked back at the evolution of social media over time and how we’ve become a completely mobile driven society. Popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat and more at the palm of our hands at all times. Current events being shared and talked about in real time as it happens. People turning to Slacktivism to create viral movements. Where does the Alberta RCMP fit into this?

The Alberta RCMP’s presence is meant to be a point of awareness, service and protection. Providing safety updates about situations in your area, potential danger and directions for critical incidents are important. When a crisis happens, everyone turns to their social accounts to see what’s going on and sharing important information right from the source is an easy way to reach a large audience quickly. By sharing missing people through social media, more missing person cases can be seen when they aren’t all being shared on big media. There have been many cases of missing persons being found through social sharing, which makes social sharing highly successful.

Janine also discussed the importance of staying safe online & making sure you’re cognizant of what digital footprint you’re leaving behind on the web. Anyone can access your social profiles, no matter how secure you think they so don’t be posting things that you wouldn’t want the world to see. Lock your accounts, lock your phone, and be defensive of the information you’re putting out there.

Looking for more information on how to stay safe online? Check out the links Janine shared:

Our takeaway from the presentation? The RCMP are still the good guys, doing their best to use social as a tool to help more people faster.

Also, nothing makes us happier than some boozy St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes to start the day.



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