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SMBRD#29 Sponsors

Location: Bower Ponds Recreation
Event: Genome Alberta
Breakfast: Red Deer Rotary Sunrise

What a great location to hold our final Social Media Breakfast of the summer! Bower Ponds Recreation hosted us and even offered up FREE rides in the Water Ball after!

Fifty attendees were there to take in Andrew Moseson speaking to us about learning about our customers and how to market to them…using SPICE to do that!

Marketing is like fishing. Don’t think like a fisherman, think like a fish. Do you need a rod? A net? Are you looking for one fish? A thousand? One million?

A fish doesn’t bite because it’s shiny, it bites because it’s lunch. Everything you do from a marketing perspective, needs to be lunch.

Social Media opens the door to relationships, and all those relationships will be different. Good marketing involves self awareness and empathy. Those enable you to connect on a meaningful level.

Who are your fish?

What are they looking for?

Why are they looking for it?

Where are they looking?

and How do they know when they’ve found it?

Understanding how to ask questions to reveal the emotions of a person and how to answer those questions are vital. Because if your message isn’t like lunch? They are going elsewhere…

90% of our decisions are unconscious. That is why the value of asking Why is so important in understanding the emotions of your clients and consumers. Asking why brings forth the root cause of why people are choosing things. Rational decisions are swept out of the way, because emotions drive decision. Understand what drives them and connect to that. Effective advertising needs to connect to emotion. Not rationale. Don’t assume you know what they want, question why.

Companies versus Corporations.

Companies are personality driven. Corporations tend to be value driven. Understanding the motivation of a company is very important. Reach out to those with similar values.

A good brand acts like a magnet – attracts certain people, and repels certain people. You don’t want to do business with EVERYONE. You want to do business with people who believe what you believe.

Knowing that and understanding that is powerful. Not everyone is going to get what you deliver, you will connect with ones that do and those connections will be meaningful.

Using this SPICE tool will help you figure out your customer and give you more power in your advertising.

S – Social – what do they need for other people?

P – Physical needs – functional, hunger, comfort

I – Identity – what enhances their self worth? Who do they aspire to be? Help them get there.

C – Cognitive – logical rational needs, stats, comparisons, why it makes good business sense

E – Psychological and emotional needs – problems, and how they handle problems.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support Social Media Breakfast Red Deer! We’ll see you next month.

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